Scott Lively has defended his anti-gay rhetoric, saying he doesn't hate gays.

During an interview with the American Family Association's (AFA) Sandy Rios on Tuesday, Lively, who previously labeled some gays “monsters … so far from normalcy that they're killers,” insisted that he doesn't hate gay people or “want them to be harmed in any way” or “put in jail.”

Instead, Lively said, “I want them to receive salvation in Jesus Christ, repent of their sins, and be able to enjoy the blessings of being able to live a heterosexual life and have a wife or a husband, depending on what your gender is, and the great blessings that come from doing things the way God designed us to live.”

Lively also repeated the assertion that the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is “deliberately trying to incite murder” against him.

HRC recently released a report titled Exposed: The Export of Hate, which seeks to shine a light on the “network of American extremists who work tirelessly to undercut LGBT people around the world at every turn.”

Lively, president of the Massachusetts-based Abiding Truths Ministries, is among those profiled in Export of Hate.

“It's a hit list, and a hit list file, it's like the 10 Most Wanted list,” Lively told Rios.

“This is nothing less than directions to the next Floyd Lee Corkins on who to assassinate and where to find them and inflammatory rhetoric to get them all wound up in order to feel motivated to be able to do it,” he said, a reference to the mentally disturbed man who entered the Washington D.C. offices of the Family Research Council (FRC) with a backpack full of Chick-fil-A sandwiches and shot a security guard in the arm before he was wrestled to the ground.

“It’s a hit list for assassination.”

“Every leftist organization in America knows they have people that follow their rhetoric who are willing to commit murder,” he added.