Julia Gillard, the former prime minister of Australia, has yet to endorse gay marriage, but in a rare interview this week she said she accepts its inevitability.

Gillard has written a memoir about her time leading Australia and the events surrounding her sudden departure.

In speaking to Channel Nine to pitch her book, Gillard, an atheist, says she accepts it is only a matter of time before gay couples can legally marry in Australia and in “most parts of the developed world.”

“I've got what may be in the modern age a kind of old-fashioned, feminist view about, can we take the traditional institution of marriage and stretch it?” Gillard said. “Or do you create some other way of solemnizing relationships and recognizing them as of worth and status?”

“When I was a young feminist I would've said overwhelmingly the gay community was on that track too, but things have changed.”

“I accept the course of human history now is that we are going to see same-sex marriage here and in, you know, most parts of the developed world,” she added.