Out CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has joined cabler Cartoon Network's campaign against bullying.

The network's annual Stop Bullying: Speak Up campaign, first launched in 2010, will culminate during Cartoon Network's Speak Up Week, which begins next Monday, and helps kick off National Bullying Prevention Month in October.

The campaign's goal is to collect one million user-generated videos pledging to speak up when a child is bullied.

Cooper appears in a promo for the campaign released Monday.

“Join me and my friends from Cartoon Network and pledge to speak up against bullying,” Cooper says in the video clip. “Go to StopBullyingSpeakUp.com to share your message. And your family might be on Cartoon Network.”

Alice Cahn, vice president of social responsibility at Cartoon Network, said the campaign aims to provide “practical bullying prevention advice kids can put into action.”

“This new phase of our campaign is meant to empower anyone who wants to take an active role in seeing bullying come to an end,” she said in an emailed statement. “We embrace and thank the one million people out there willing to publicly take a stand; coming together, we can all make a difference for our nation’s children.”

LGBT youth are at an increased risk of being bullied.