The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is refusing to issue a driver's license to a lesbian married in California.

The agency claims that due to the state's ban on gay marriage it cannot accept Connie Wilson's California driver's license or federal Social Security card to issue her a Texas driver's license.

Those documents list Wilson's married name.

“Her only words to me were, 'Is this same-[sex]?'” Wilson told the Texas Observer.

“She immediately told me, 'You can't use this to get your license. This doesn't validate your last name,'” she said. “She told me I would never get a licenses with my current name. That the name doesn't belong to me.”

Wilson was told she could apply for a driver's license using her maiden name. But Wilson said she lacks the documentation to do so.

A DPS spokesman told the paper that a court order is required to “receive a Texas Driver License or Identification Card reflecting a name change from a same-sex marriage.”

“I still can't believe I'm being met with all the roadblocks that I am,” Wilson said.