During an appearance Tuesday on HuffPost Live, Nick Jonas said he loves his gay fans.

In promoting his new single Jealous, Jonas appeared at a number of gay clubs in New York.

And in a recent Watch What Happens Live interview, Jonas told host Andy Cohen that he has several sex scenes in Kingdom, the upcoming DirecTV series which revolves around a gym for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitors in Venice Beach, and went on to suggest that his character might be gay or bisexual.

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“Between sex scenes and you've been performing a lot at gay clubs all sort of around town, you've become like a darling of the gay community,” HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker said.

“I love it,” Jonas responded. “I'm thrilled by that. I always had a pretty strong gay fan base, having been a theater kid.”

“That's a community that I love and have embraced, and [they've] embraced me. I love them. They're so supportive,” he added.