A gay male couple in their twenties was violently attacked by a mob of eight to twelve men and women in Philadelphia's Center City on Thursday.

Eye witnesses said the men, together over a decade, were walking home from dinner when they were approached by the group.

“Is this your fucking boyfriend?” one of them asked.

When one of the men answered “yes,” the group rushed them and began punching and kicking the couple.

“Friends and witnesses we spoke to said there is no question these two men were targeted because they're gay,” Fox 29 reporter Chris O'Connell reported.

“They shattered his cheekbones on both sides and his jaw,” friend Caryn Kunkle said in describing the men's injuries.

Several witnesses said they heard homophobic slurs during the attack.

One of the victims said they were speaking out because they “want these people brought to justice. This is not fair.”

“I have multiple facial fractures on both sides of my face. I have an orbital fracture,” he added.