Linda Harvey this weekend called on anti-gay activists to go to the 'places that are homosexual' to spread their message.

Harvey, the founder of the Columbus, Ohio-based Mission America and a frequent contributor to the conservative website, attacked a push for greater LGBT rights in Southern states.

Anti-gay activists, Harvey said on her radio program, should have the same “kind of boldness.”

“I wish our side had the kind of boldness to go forward into, you know, San Francisco, or, you know, Provincetown, or, you know, Key West. I'm thinking of all the places that, you know, are homosexual,” Harvey told BarbWire columnist Gina Miller. “But, I mean, we should have just as much conviction about what we're doing and go forward to the Gay Pride parades and be saying what we believe is true.”

Harvey and Miller also dismissed an HRC survey on harassment of LGBT youth in Southern states such as Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama.

“These folks are highly sensitive – I’m not saying these things don’t happen, but I think all of this is exaggeration,” Harvey said. “'One-in-three LGBT students,' you might be talking about 45 people in the total of Mississippi and they are not born that way so the issue is we need to be educating and counseling and coming along these kids and saying 'you don’t need to be in this lifestyle’'and harassment can be punished right now, no matter what the reason, so it’s all false.”

Miller agreed, saying such statistics could be “easily made up.”