Christian conservative Mat Staver has declared gay rights “literally an attack on God himself.”

During an appearance on In the Market with Janet Parshall, Staver, who heads Liberty Counsel, chided Christians who either support LGBT rights or have given up the fight.

“There is some resolution to say, 'Oh, we've lost this battle. We just need to figure out how to move forward and coexist,'” Staver said.

“And that is a wrong, very dangerous position to be in. You cannot coexist. You cannot give up on something that is literally an attack on God himself.”

Staver went on describe marriage equality as defying the “natural created order.”

“To assume that you can go against the created order is hubris, it's arrogance, it's dangerous and it is not something in which we can simply say, 'the battle's over. We need to figure out how to coexist.'”

“There is no coexistence,” he concluded.