Christian conservative group American Family Association (AFA) has criticized Target's recent endorsement of marriage equality.

The Minnesota-based retailer is among the companies which signed on to an amicus brief in support of plaintiffs challenging restrictive marriage bans in Wisconsin and Indiana. About 30 businesses, including Target, last week asked the Supreme Court to take up a case challenging Utah's ban and rule in favor of the three plaintiff couples.

“We are forced to implement inconsistent policies in the various jurisdictions in which we operate, and the mandated discrimination underlying these policies violates our stated corporate policies,” the companies, which also include CBS and Amazon, told the high court. “Our ability to grow and maintain our businesses by attracting and retaining the best talent is hindered. The patchwork of state laws applicable to same-sex marriage impairs thus our business interests and employer-employee relations.”

In a blog post published Monday, the AFA urged Christians to boycott Target: “Are you going to give Target your money, knowing they'll use it to undermine your deeply held beliefs?”

“This is a company whose leaders make a mockery of marriage. They make a mockery of God's Word – and every Christian in this nation should let Target know it is out of step with the majority of Americans who support natural marriage,” the group added.

Meanwhile, a boycott against Target launched last month by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) failed to reach its goal of 2,900 signatures.