Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), has criticized an appeals court's ruling striking down gay marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin.

On Thursday, a 3-judge panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago unanimously upheld a lower court ruling declaring the bans invalid.

The decision came on the heels of a federal judge declaring Louisiana's ban constitutional.

Judge Richard Posner, a Ronald Reagan appointee, wrote the ruling for the Seventh Court. In it, he admonished the states for their claim that the bans serve the purpose of encouraging responsible procreation among heterosexuals, which in turn benefits children and society, while neglecting to offer the same benefits to the children being raised by gay and lesbian couples.

U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman, on the hand, said the state had a right to define marriage, saying the state's ban “is reasonably anchored to the democratic process.”

In a blog post titled A Major Victory, Brown praised Feldman's decision as “lucid” and criticized Posner's ruling as “ideologically-driven” and “crazy.”

“Feldman's decision is a far cry from Posner's, as the former looks carefully at the cases with binding precedent and reasons from the Constitution and rational analysis of facts; whereas the latter is a shameful display of animus and hostility toward anyone who dares agree with nearly all of human civilization throughout all of history and throughout most of the world today that there's something special about the conjugal union of husband and wife.”

“Indeed, the craziest moments of Posner's decision are not merely ludicrous and poorly reasoned, they're scandalously offensive.”

“For example, he insinuates that the people of Indiana and Wisconsin – whose marriage laws his decision strikes down – were acting against children's welfare by instantiating in law the ideal that kids have both a mother and a father!”

“Marriage Supporter, you should be outraged, as I am, that the deeply held beliefs of millions of Americans like us can be subjected to such calumny by high-level judiciary official in our land. We should be disgusted to find the votes of millions of Americans to protect marriage and the interests of children in having a mom and a dad compared libelously to something as grotesque as cannibalism!”

“But, in light of this insidious attack, we should also be grateful and all the more thrilled for the cool-headed common sense of judges like Martin Feldman whose decision is like a breath of fresh air let into a dank and stale cellar.”

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is expected in the fall to review a lower court's decision striking down Texas' ban, providing an opportunity to indirectly overrule – or uphold – Feldman's ruling, as Louisiana and Texas are located in the same circuit.