Christian conservative Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute dreams of books that show the “joy” kids feel when their gay dads die of West Nile.

In a blog post Friday, Higgins attacked the American Library Association's (ALA) Banned Books Week and the “self-righteous dissembling librarians” who promote the event.

Higgins criticized the group's goal of preventing the banning of books about LGBT headed families, or as she put it “children or anthropomorphized animals being raised by parents in homoerotic relationships.”

The librarians should instead be promoting books that “challenge Leftist assumptions about the nature and morality of homosexuality.”

She goes on to give some examples, including young adult novels “about teens who feel sadness and resentment about being intentionally deprived of a mother or father,” “teens who are damaged by the promiscuity of their 'gay' fathers who hold sexual monogamy in disdain” and “young adults who are consumed by a sense of loss and bitterness that their politically correct and foolish parents allowed them during the entirety of their childhood to cross-dress, change their names, and take medication to prevent puberty, thus deforming their bodies.”

Will the librarians, Higgins wonders, ask “for novels about teens who suffer because of the harrowing fights and serial 'marriages' of their lesbian mothers” or “for picture books that show the joy a little birdie experiences when after the West Nile virus deaths of her two daddies, she's finally adopted by a daddy and mommy.”

“Surely, there are some teens and children who will identify with such stories,” she adds.

The irony, of course, is that gay and straight couples experience divorce but a larger percentage of heterosexual marriages end in divorce. And gays make good parents.

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