Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Saturday said Michael Sam's firing shows bakers and photographer can discriminate against gay men and lesbians.

Sam, the NFL's first openly gay player to be drafted, was on Saturday cut from the St. Louis Rams' roster.

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While Rams head coach Jeff Fischer said that he was “pulling for” Sam and that the decision to release him was “a football decision,” Fischer insisted that the team's decision was based on Sam's sexual orientation.

“Homophobia alert: Rams discriminate against homosexual player,” he tweeted.

“Rams refuse to do business with a homosexual because his conduct falls short of their deeply held standards,” he added.

Then, referring to the handful of wedding professionals who have refused to serve gay couples based on their religious beliefs, he added: “If Rams can discriminate against a homosexual because his behavior doesn't measure up, so can bakers and photographers.”