A Florida appeals court on Thursday rejected state Attorney General Pam Bondi's request to not rule on the state's ban on gay marriage until the U.S. Supreme Court weighs in on the issue.

Bondi had asked the 3rd District Court of Appeals to put a freeze on two challenges to the ban before the court.

“Neither this Court nor the Florida Supreme Court can decide this issue with finality,” Bondi wrote. “The United States Supreme Court, however, 'has the final word on the United States Constitution.'”

“A ruling from the United States Supreme Court would end the constitutional debate, end this appeal, and end all related cases,” she added. “The State of Florida will respect the United States Supreme Court's final word. In the meantime, this Court should preserve taxpayer and judicial resources by staying briefing until the United States Supreme Court rules.”

The court rejected Bondi's request.

On Wednesday, Florida's 2nd District Court of Appeal declined to review a related case and asked the state Supreme Court to intervene.

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Five judges, including a federal judge, have in recent weeks declared the state's ban invalid.