Christian conservative Linda Harvey has criticized Target over its support of marriage equality.

Earlier this month, the Minnesota-based retailer joined in filing an amicus brief asking a federal appeals court to strike down restrictive marriage bans in Wisconsin and Indiana.

The move prompted the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to call for a boycott of Target.

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Harvey, the founder of the Columbus, Ohio-based Mission America and a frequent contributor to the conservative website, joined NOM in taking issue with the company's use of “bans” and “discrimination” to describe the laws.

“They talk about laws on natural marriage as being ‘bans’ on same-sex so-called marriage,” she told her radio listeners. “And that's incorrect because people who are male can still marry people who are female. The only obstacle for a few people is the presence of unnatural desires. Those desires can change with a different mind and heart.”

Later, she shared a letter she received from Target in which the company expressed support for the LGBT community.

“So where's the inclusivity for traditional values families? Target also thinks there's an LGBT community, but what about a Christian morals community? Do they get the fact that most people have had it up to here with pushing deviance and perversion into everyone's lives in America? That most Americans don't accept the idea of two men or two women being married when they are obviously not?”