Robert George, a co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), argues in Conjugal Union that gay and lesbian couples cannot marry because, like 12-year-olds, they are disqualified from marriage.

In the book, co-written with Patrick Lee, George, who co-authored the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) in 2001, equates age and gender restrictions in entering marriage

“Just as the distinction between eighteen-year-olds and twelve-year-olds is relevant to the purpose of marriage – because the former but not the latter are actually able to form the union that is marriage – in the same way, the distinction between opposite-sex couples and same-sex partners is relevant to the purpose of the marriage statute, because the former but not the latter can actually form the kind of union that marriage is,” George writes.

“Two people of the same sex cannot truly be married, any more than a pair of twelve-year-olds can be married – they are unable to form the kind of union marriage is: a conjugal union.”'s Jeremy Hooper responded: “It is the height of arrogance for Mr. George to suggest that my husband and I – tax-paying adults who are way past eighteen, legally married for many years (and together for many before that), with a daughter to whom we are exceedingly committed, as we are to each other – are no more qualified than a pair of sixth graders. It's also gallingly arrogant for him to suggest that two eighteen-year-olds are more qualified by the sole virtue of being heterosexual.”