An Irish poll released last week shows widespread support for the relationships of gay and lesbian couples.

The poll, conducted for the Sunday Times, found 86 percent of Irish people approved of gay relationships, while 75 percent approve of allowing gay couples to adopt.

A referendum on whether to allow gay couples to marry in Ireland is scheduled to to take place sometime in the first four months of next year. Currently, a gay couple can enter a civil partnership.

Kieran Rose, chair of the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN), said the poll shows Ireland is ready for marriage equality.

“This is another welcome demonstration of the transformation in attitudes to lesbian and gay people and of the generosity of the Irish voters in their willingness to extend equal status and dignity to lesbian and gay people and lesbian and gay headed families,” Rose said in a statement.

“It is clear from this poll and other recent polls, public opinion firmly accepts that lesbian and gay people and families headed by lesbian and gay couples should be afforded the same respect, legal status and protections that are available to the rest of society.”

“The widespread public support for almost 1,500 Civil Partnerships that have already been celebrated all across Ireland and the growing political and public support shows that Ireland is ready for the next step in the 20 year journey to civil marriage and full Constitutional equality for lesbian and gay people and families,” she added.

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