A wedding venue in Minnesota that turned away a gay couple has agreed to pay for the couple's entire wedding and reception in a different location.

LeBlanc's Rice Creek Lodge initially agreed to host a wedding for Cole Frey, 20, and Adam Block, 18. But when Frey appeared to provide a security deposit and management realized the wedding was for two men, Frey was turned away.

Minnesota lawmakers approved a gay marriage law in 2013 after voters rejected a constitutional amendment which sought to exclude gay couples from marriage. Discrimination in public accommodations based on sexual orientation is prohibited in Minnesota.

The couple filed a complaint with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, the Star-Tribune reported.

Following the state's investigation, the owners of Rice Creek Lodge agreed to pay approximately $8,500 to cover the cost of the wedding and reception to be held at a different location.

“They made a mistake,” an attorney representing the owners of the lodge said. “And we did everything in our power to correct it. This couple is going to have a great wedding and I can assure you LeBlanc's is going to be open to everybody.”