The Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC) has criticized a ruling striking down Florida's ban on gay marriage.

A federal judge on Thursday handed down the fifth decision declaring Florida's ban to be unconstitutional.

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FRC's Craig James and Travis Weber discussed the ruling on the group's Washington Week radio show.

Echoing the sentiments of fellow anti-gay activist Ryan Anderson - “[L]imiting the size and scope of government is impossible without stable marriages” – Weber warned the decision could pave the way for big government tyranny.

“What's most striking to me about these opinions … is the inability to comprehend marriage as anything but what the state defines it to be. You know this definition of morality and standards by which human beings order their lives by which the state … [is the] ultimate standard in law, authority in law, we should be aware of the danger of that. Yet that's what we are buying into here,” Weber said.

“People need to be alarmed,” he added. “If we just kind of step back and take a quick history lesson, we can look throughout history at many governments that viewed moral authority as simply ending with the state and there is nothing above that, there is no insight into law beyond what the state itself said it was. Do we want that? No, all we need to do is look at the horror which that view has wrought upon humanity.”