Spanish Senator Luz Elena Sanin of the nation's ruling Popular Party has blamed Spain's record 1.3 trillion Euro public deficit on “the debts” caused by “subsidies for NGOs and homosexuals.”

Sanin told reporters that the Socialist government of former Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero had pushed the nation into deficit with “his favors” to Spain's LGBT community.

Socialists in 2005 legalized marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

During a press conference to promote her party's efforts to restore financial stability, Sanin said that her party was saddled with the debt created by Zapatero's administration, The Local reported.

“Otherwise we wouldn't have this gaping economic hole,” Sanin is quoted as saying by Catalan daily La Vanguardia.

Her comments have led to calls for her resignation.

“Blaming NGOs and LGBT groups for the government's public debt is shameful,” Socialist MP Patricia Hernandez said. “It's absurd and ludicrous. All it does is denote the PP senator's homophobia, this is what she thinks the socialists' financial inheritance is.”