An “ex-gay” activist over the weekend claimed that “anyone with a brain” can understand why gays and lesbians should not be allowed to marry.

Stephen Bennett of Stephen Bennett Ministries and Daddy Pants Industries appeared on Saturday's edition of Understanding the Times with “end times” broadcaster Jan Markell.

On the program, Bennett and Linda Harvey of Mission America denounced the “minuscule” group of “militant activists who are trying to turn this country upside down” by pushing for greater equality for sexual minorities.

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“They're basically marching in with their fist shaking, saying, ‘We demand equality, homosexuality is equivalent to heterosexuality,'” Bennett said. “Folks, it is not, anyone with a brain realizes it is not equal. People have strayed so far away from God's design of marriage. Marriage isn't to be decided by a government or judges or courts, this is God, God is the one who designed this.”