Country and pop music singer LeAnn Rimes says she and husband Eddie Cibrian are “a gay man's wet dream.”

The 31-year-old Rimes, who is currently promoting her latest album Dance Like You Don't Give a ..., told Michigan gay weekly PrideSource that she enjoys performing at gay events.

“Yeah, it's so much more fun to me, and it's also kind of selfish – you go there and have all these sweet men who are like, 'We love you!'” she said. “It's fun to be around that energy!”

“I think we have a mutual respect and love for one another that you can't really find everywhere.”

“We also share a mutual respect for your husband, Eddie Cibrian,” the interviewer pointed out.

“[Laughs] Yes. I've always said that Eddie and I are a gay man's wet dream. I sing, you can look at him, and it's perfect,” she explained.

“It's hysterical seeing these guys freak out over him. For me, I laugh so hard, because Eddie is really pretty cool about it all, but sometimes he can be shy and uncomfortable, and I love to see him in that element. It's completely not his element, but he know how to work it,” she added.