Christian conservative Linda Harvey on Tuesday denounced a group of Republicans for reaching out to attendees of Gay Games 9.

The Cuyahoga County Republicans are manning a booth at the games, which are being held in Cleveland and neighboring Akron. The group said it was looking to increase awareness among the LGBT community during the sports and cultural festival.

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Harvey, the founder of the Columbus, Ohio-based Mission America and a frequent contributor to the conservative website, criticized the group during her radio commentary.

“Why do we need events like this which give legitimacy to a deviant and harmful lifestyle?” she rhetorically asked her listeners. “The purpose of the Gay Games may well be to try to create a different impression and disguise the truth, which is that homosexuality is associated with much higher health risks and it is not life-honoring and life-giving behavior but the opposite.”

“God never intended, as we are told in scripture, for humans to pair up with the same-sex and it is shameful that leaders in the Republican Party are endorsing such immorality,” she added.