Matt Bomer says he and his The Normal Heart co-star Mark Ruffalo cried after filming the film's wedding scene.

Director Ryan Murphy's adaptation of Larry Kramer's Tony-winning play premiered in May on HBO.

In the movie about the early days of the AIDS pandemic in New York City, Bomer plays Felix Turner, a closeted fashion reporter for The New York Times who is in love with Ned Weeks, the film's protagonist played by Ruffalo.

Felix and Ned exchange vows in Felix's hospital room shortly before he succumbs to AIDS.

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Bomer discussed filming the emotional scene with AwardsLine.

“Well, at that point, we were nearing the end of filming, so Mark and I had been on quite a journey together in terms of Ned and Felix’s relationship,” he said. “And I came to set, and it was one of those times where I got in the hospital bed and, you just trust that the physical and emotional preparation that you put into the material will be there. And you try to really get out of your own way and let this beautiful scene that Larry Kramer had written take over. I think I'd worked with all of the actors in the room already, and so we had a great deal of trust for each other, and we started on my close up, I believe.”

“It was one of those moments where they call 'Action' and the scene just takes over. After we were done, Mark and I sat together and cried for a good deal of time, not in any self-congratulatory way. It was about experiencing through that scene what the reality was for so many people of that generation. Some of them obviously weren't even lucky enough to say goodbye that way. I think the situation really hit home for us and took over. Mark and I were also realizing that we were coming to the end of an experience that we both committed to for a long time, and worked with every fiber of our being, to tell as truthfully as possible.”