Actor Josh Hutcherson is backing a new campaign to provide LGBT youth access to computers and important online resources.

Straight But Not Narrow (SBNN), The Trevor Project and human I-T have joined forces to launch Power On.

The campaign encourages teens to donate their old laptops, tablets and smartphones, which will be refurbished and distributed to LGBT resource centers nationwide.

According to a GLSEN study, 52% of closeted youth used the Internet to connect with like minded individuals.

“At The Trevor Project, we know that connecting to a community can lead to support and friendships, as well as reduce the risk for suicide attempts and other high-risk behaviors,” Abbe Land, executive director and CEO of The Trevor Project, said in a statement, “but for young LGBTQ people, it may not be easy to find others like them nearby. That's why we are so excited for this partnership with Straight But Not Narrow and human I-T to ensure underserved LGBTQ youth can access in addition to other life-affirming resources.”

Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), whose involvement with Straight But Not Narrow dates back to 2011, said he was donating one of his computers to the initiative.

“I'm kicking off the Power On campaign by donating one of my old computers, and it's awesome to know that it'll be used to help a young person out there who, before this campaign, wasn't able to get access to information and resources that could really help them. I've always respected the work that The Trevor Project does, and to have an opportunity for Straight But Not Narrow to collaborate with them on a campaign like Power On is exciting,” he said.