Singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat has joined the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) Americans for Marriage Equality campaign.

In a 1-minute clip released Wednesday, the 29-year-old Caillat says love should be celebrated and encouraged.

“I believe that love is for everyone and that we should celebrate and encourage love rather than stand in its way,” Caillat says. “And I'd like to believe that we live in a time and a country where all individuals have the freedom to love whomever they choose to and receive the same respect and equal treatment under the law.”

“Because whether you are LGBT or straight, you should be able to marry the person you love.”

“But simply hoping this isn't going to get us any closer to nationwide marriage equality. We have to raise our voices together and demand it now, because only together can we protect love,” she adds. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Last month, singer Demi Lovato helped HRC relaunch its successful marriage campaign.