In a column published by Renew America, Tim Dunkin claims that gay parenting is worse that locking kids in hot cars for hours on end.

After railing against the onslaught of state and federal court decisions declaring state bans on gay marriage to be invalid, Dunkin said the adoption of children by gay couples “is fast becoming one of the foremost elements of the radical homosexualist agenda to be judicially imposed upon this country.”

“The purpose for this, as is apparent to pretty much any clear minded observer, is to allow gays to 'recruit' children into the constellation of 'queer' lifestyles since they are unable to have children by natural means,” Dunkin wrote.

“Let's face it – handing children over to gays to be raised is as much abuse as is locking them in hot cars for hours on end. In fact, it's even worse – you can rescue a child from a car and make sure it never happens to him or her again, but once you start yielding to the fallacies that facilitate gay adoption and start allowing judges to force it into place via judicial fiat, you are handing children over to on-going, endemic abuse that will last for the next 18 years. That is a crime against humanity, and no sane society would do this. If the stories I've seen and read about the way many kids are 'raised' by gay 'parents' are any indication, a child caught up in this is in for a long, miserable, hellish ride. If, as a society, we claim to truly be against the abuse and harm of our children, then we have a moral responsibility to keep them out of the hands of gay couples, whether 'married' or not. Let boys be boys and girls be girls. Don't let perverts corrupt our kids while trying to live out an impossible fantasy,” he added.

Studies, however, have shown that children raised by gay couples are no less well adjusted than children raised in households headed by opposite-sex couples. In fact, a recent study showed that children raised by gay couples are healthier and happier that the general population.