A gay couple in Longueuil, a suburb of Montreal, received an anonymous letter warning them to take down the rainbow flag flying from their balcony or “suffer the consequences.”

“For your well-being, remove the homosexual flag! Immediately, as soon as you receive this letter,” the letter states in French. “We don't want people like you in our neighborhood. Remove it, keep quiet and we will spare you. And you can continue to live your abominable lives without prejudice. Keep it and you will suffer the consequences.”

The couple complied, taking down the flag, which they had hung in March, but also called the police, who say they are investigating the incident.

According to CBC News, the couple, which received the letter last weekend, are reconsidering allowing their eldest child to be left at home to babysit their younger children.

The incident has been strongly condemned on the Montreal Pride Facebook page.