Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall has criticized a federal appeals court's decision invalidating Virginia's gay marriage ban.

In November of 2006, 57 percent of Virginia voters approved the Marshall-Newman Amendment, named after its authors Delegate Marshall and Senator Stephen Newman.

On Monday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond said the ban was unconstitutional. The ruling reverberated in North Carolina, where Attorney General Roy Cooper responded by withdrawing from defending North Carolina's ban in a separate case.

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“In the long run, advocates and defenders of so-called same-sex marriage are their own best undertakers for their hubris in attempting to deny and defy the laws of nature and nature's god, by which nations and cultures around the world have recognized for millennia that marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman,” Marshall told the Daily Press.

“If judicial elites impose a radical and immoral marriage regime on American citizens in defiance of the laws of nature and nature's god, the result would be to tear the social fabric in ways that can scarcely be imagined, nor contained by judicial arrogance,” added Marshall, a vociferous opponent of gay rights.