A tow truck operator is accused of illegally towing more than 100 vehicles during last month's Gay Days celebration in Orlando, Florida.

Jason Combs, owner of ASP Towing, was arrested on Friday and faces 29 counts of grand theft auto.

Orlando County Sheriffs deputies allege Combs' company towed the vehicles from a parking lot across the street from the event's host hotel, Doubletree.

ASAP Towing has a contract with the owner of the parking lot. However, the contract had lapsed in May and was not renewed until mid-June. Gay Days takes place on the first Saturday in June.

The Orlando Sentinel quoted Captain Rick Schmeltzer as saying that ASAP Towing also targeted vehicles during last year's Gay Days festivities and that “spotters” were used to identify vehicles belonging to hotel guests or visitors.

With many of these people, their cars were towed within 5, 10, 15 minutes [of parking],” he said. “This was total predator towing. There's really no other word for it.”

According to the AP, Combs made at least $16,000 towing the vehicles.

Combs' attorney, R. David de Armas, said his client has nothing against gay people or the annual event which draws thousands to central Florida.

The fact that the [criminal] complaint said something about Gay Days makes me wonder what's behind it,” he said. “If someone shoplifted during Gay Days would the complaint mention that it happened during Gay Days?”