Christian conservative Sandy Rios has warned that an executive order which prohibits federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT workers will lead to Christians being harassed by FBI agents in drag.

President Barack Obama signed the order on Monday, citing the need to act after broader legislation has languished in Congress for over 4 decades.

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Rios told her radio listeners on Tuesday that the order “means, of course, that maybe in six weeks or so maybe your doorbell will ring and you will have the privilege of being interviewed by an FBI agent male wearing a dress, because that's really what this does mean, this is stunning.”

Rios called Obama a “rock star” for the LGBT community and added that she does not believe he is a Christian.

“I can say I'm a ballerina, it doesn't make it so,” Rios said. “A Christian, a Christ follower, does not legislate ad nauseam rights and benefits and privileges for people who are in a lifestyle that is at odds with biblical truth, just doesn't do it. There's the president of the United States, all about homosexuality.”

Rios joins Richard Land – who warned of the “gay thought police” – and Fox News' Todd Starnes – who said Obama was “hell-bent on forcing Christians” to accept the “militant LGBT agenda” – in criticizing the president and framing the order as an attack on Christians.