Linda Perry, former vocalist and guitarist of 4 Non Blondes, is encouraging actor Tom Cruise to come out gay.

Perry, 49, takes on the role of mentor in the upcoming VH1 reality series Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project.

In March, she married The Talk co-host Sara Gilbert.

Speaking with gay glossy Out, Perry said her wife is “awesome.”

“She's popular – everybody knows her. I don't think I'm as popular as her. But I think her and I together – we're really cute, we're really charming. We're a powerful little couple because we're not obvious.”

“We got married,” Perry added, “because we're two women in love.”

She also discussed coming out, and how it doesn't matter, unless you're Tom Cruise.

“Is it going to hurt Tom Cruise for him to tell everybody he’s gay when everybody knows he is?,” she rhetorically asked. “Is that going to hurt his career? Maybe Tom Cruise when he was hot. But it would actually help Tom Cruise to come out right now. If I were his PR person, I would say, 'Dude, if you were going to come out today – right now is the time – because you’re a sinking ship that nobody wants to get on. So, use it. It would actually make you look kinda sexy. Right now – dude – go be queer. Go be out, be proud.'”

A trailer for The Linda Perry Project, which premieres Wednesday, July 16, is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.