Christian conservative group American Family Association (AFA) has reiterated its support for controversial therapies aimed at turning gay people straight.

In an AFA Journal column, the group's Ed Vitagliano explained that people who have been unsuccessful at praying the gay away failed to call on the power of God “to gain mastery over [their] impulses.”

“[C]ountless people who self-identify as homosexual claim to have prayed endlessly for God to remove their same sex attractions – to no avail,” Vitagliano wrote.

“This is not the whole story, of course. Despite the media's refusal to consider the reality of 'ex-gay' people, there are clearly many who have left the lifestyle. While temptation remains, they have – by God's grace – reoriented their affections to the opposite sex.”

“What, then, do we say to the gay man and the lesbian? What are they to do with their brokenness? First, if they remain defiant in it, they will eternally perish. Yet this is no different than the drunkard or the fornicator or the liar or the idolater. All who remain in their rebellion are damned.”

“Can a person be a Christian and still struggle against same sex attractions? Yes. When we become followers of Christ, we continue to battle the flesh in all its permutations (Galatians 5:16-17). But we have the power of Christ on our side, and we are called to gain mastery over the impulses that have plagued us, even if the impulses themselves remain. Christ will lead us in victory if we will receive His grace daily and obey Him,” he added.