An employee at Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas got a gay-supportive fist bump from President Barack Obama on Thursday.

According to The Austin Chronicle, Daniel Rugg Webb was working the eatery's cash register when the president approached to pay for his $300 tab.

Webb, a musician and comedian, slapped the counter and shouted, “Equal rights for gay people.”

“Are you gay?” Obama asked.

“Only when I have sex,” Webb replied.

“That's when he laughed and said, 'Bump me,'” Webb told the paper.

A photo of the pair bumping fists quickly went viral on social media.

“It was just a lucky day to be the register girl,” Webb added.

In comments to BuzzFeed, he added: “As a comedian, it was cool to have a moment where I was making a sitting president laugh – over something that might be considered inappropriate is a bonus.”

(Photo courtesy of Doug Mills, @dougmillsnyt.)