Despite conceding that the gay marriage debate in New Jersey is resolved, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Saturday that the GOP should not throw in the towel.

According to POLITICO, Christie made the comments at a gathering of the National Governors Association in Nashville.

“I don't think there's some referee who stands up and says, 'OK, now it's time for you to change your opinion.' The country will resolve this over a period of time. But do I think it's resolved? No,” said Christie, who is often mentioned as a potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate.

In 2012, Christie vetoed a bill allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry in New Jersey. During his re-election campaign, he reiterated his belief that the issue of whether to legalize gay nuptials should be decided “by the people, by referendum,” not politicians or judges.

But after the state's marriage ban was found to be unconstitutional, Christie decided against pursuing an appeal, angering conservatives.

“When I know that I've been defeated, you don't bang your head against the wall anymore and spend taxpayer money to do it,” he said Saturday.