Dan Calabrese, editor-in-chief of Best of Cain, a website described as “the web extension of the phenomenon that is The Herman Cain Show,” wants Burger King to hold the gay sex.

Writing in response to Burger King's “Proud Whopper” – a limited time burger wrapped in a rainbow-themed paper which states “We are all the same inside” – Calabrese asked the fast food chain to “Hold the pickles; Hold the lettuce; Lunch and gay sex can't upset us!”

“Sigh. I can tell you for sure that when I get ready to consume my lunch, the thing I want to be thinking about is dude-on-dude action,” Calabrese said.

“I actually prefer the Whopper to its counterparts at McDonald's and Wendy's, and the ice cream shakes are really good when the machine doesn't break (which is sadly not that often).”

“Problem, though: You tell me not to judge you for what you do that is in blatant rebellion against the Word of God. OK. You tell me not to be a hater and not to obsess over certain sins when others are just as troubling to God. Fair enough.”

“But I don't remember the last time adulterers, murderers or drunk drivers convinced a burger chain to name a product after them, and publicly declared their pride in what they do. You're the ones who are making it an issue, not me. I'm just telling you what God's Word says. If you don't want to hear that, then don't insist on constantly making it a topic of public conversation. (Then again, the thieves have the Hamburglar, so there is that.)”

“So if Burger King wants to let its affiliation be known in the culture war, again I say, fair enough. One more reason I'm glad I learned to cook in college. Not only do I not need Burger King, but it helped me to attract a super-hot wife who remains super-hot even after 17 years of marriage to me.”

He added: “She's a girl, by the way.”

Christian conservative talk show host Steve Deace suggested in a tweet to followers that the “Proud Whopper” discriminates against Christians: “Over at @BurgerKing you can 'be your way' unless your way is you're a Christian. @youwillbemadetocare.”