A state judge on Monday will hear arguments in a case challenging Florida's ban on gay marriage.

Aaron Huntsman, 43, and William Lee Jones, 42, filed the case in April after they were denied a marriage license by Monroe County Clerk Amy Heavilin.

The men, bartenders at 801 Bourbon Bar in Key West, celebrated their 11th year together on June 10.

Voters in 2008 approved Amendment 2, a constitutional amendment which prohibits the state from recognizing any union other than a heterosexual marriage.

“Until it changes or is found unconstitutional, it is the law,” Ron Saunders, general counsel at the clerk's office, told The Florida Keys Reporter in April. “No clerk in the state can do anything until a judge rules otherwise or the law changes.”

Five additional challenges to the ban are wending their way through state and federal courts, including one heard last week.

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