Colorado's five openly gay lawmakers on Thursday called on the state to give up its fight to keep its ban on gay marriage as a federal case proceeds.

The lawmakers made their plea a day after Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper and Republican Attorney General John Suthers asked a federal court to declare invalid the state's ban but delay implementation until the Supreme Courts has ruled in a separate but similar case.

Six same-sex couples filed the challenge to Colorado's restrictive marriage ban after the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver upheld a lower court's ruling striking down Utah's ban. The ruling has reverberated in Colorado, which is under the Tenth Circuit's jurisdiction.

Speaking before reporters at the Capitol, Democratic Senator Pat Steadman said: “There's nothing left to argue about. It's time to put a court order in place enjoining the enforcement of our ban in Colorado. Let people be married and move on with their lives.”

“Don't delay. Don't appeal. Concede, confess the unconstitutionality of this law,” he added.

Meanwhile, Suthers has sued Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall for refusing to stop issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. Hall's office cited the Utah decision in defending its move.

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