Karen Mueller, who is seeking the GOP nomination for a Wisconsin congressional seat, stated on Tuesday that she's opposed to marriage equality because it could lead to incestuous marriages.

Nearly 600 gay and lesbian couples married in the state earlier this month after a federal judge struck down Wisconsin's voter-approved constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual couples. The ruling is currently on appeal.

“We've got, for instance, two sisters, and these two sisters want to get married,” Mueller said during a meet-the-candidates event. “They love each other. They are committed to each other. They want to spend the rest of their life together.”

Mueller, a civil rights attorney, stated that a lawyer representing siblings who want to marry could get around Wisconsin's law prohibiting such unions by repealing it.

“'We can just do away with that state law the same way we did away with sodomy laws.' Once you do away with that, you reveal what is really going on here,” she said.

Gay couples “can get married,” she asserted. “They just can't get married to each other.”

All three GOP candidates vying for Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District stated their opposition to marriage equality. However, Tony Kurtz said he supports civil unions. Gay couples living in Wisconsin can enter a domestic partnership, which includes few benefits and is not recognized by the federal government. (Civil unions generally offer all the rights and obligations of marriage.) Republican Governor Scott Walker has refused to defend the domestic partnership law in a lawsuit that claims it violates the state's marriage ban. The case is currently before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.