PBS will debut British import Vicious on Sunday.

Vicious, originally titled Vicious Old Queens, looks at the lives of elderly gay couple Freddie (played by Ian McKellen of the X-Men series), a retired actor, and Stuart (Derek Jacobi; I, Claudius), a former barman. Freddie and Stuart have endured a love/hate relationship for nearly 50 years.

Jacobi and McKellen are gay in real life.

The 6 30-minute episode series is written by Gary Janetti, a former writer and executive producer of the Fox animated series Family Guy and NBC's Will & Grace.

The show, which will return for a second season on ITV later this year, received a mixed response from critics, many of whom knocked it for promoting “camp stereotypes.

Jacobi told The New York Times that the show's colorful characters have turned Vicious into “the Marmite comedy.”

Marmite is a spread in England that you either love or loathe,” Jacobi explained, “and Vicious brought with it a touch of the Marmite.”

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