Dr. Ben Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon at John Hopkins University and a conservative celebrity, said Monday that a compromise on gay marriage could be reached.

Carson, who is promoting his latest book One Nation: What we can all do to save America's future, told Newsmax TV host Ed Berliner that a compromise on marriage would involve allowing gay people to do “what they want to do” in exchange for not being allowed to get married.

“Of course there is” a comprise on marriage, Carson said. “People have to be willing to understand that not everybody thinks the same way that they do. And what they have to be willing to do is engage in conversation.”

Carson said it was “ridiculous” to call him a homophobe because he's opposed to marriage equality.

“Yes, I do believe that it's between a man and a woman. But I don't believe that anybody gets to change the definition of something that is a societal pillar and has been there for thousands of years. If they want to form some other kind of relationship and call it something else, I don't have any problem with that.”

“They can do what they want to do; I'm not going to try to stop them from doing that. But they don't get to change the definition.”

Carson went on to compare the issue to a new group of mathematicians who insist 2+2=5.

“The traditionalists say, 'Okay, I'll tell you what, for you it can be five. We're keeping it as four.' And the new ones say, 'No, no. It has to be five for you and if it's not, then you're a matheist or a mathaphobe.'”

“Basically, that's the situation we find ourselves at,” he added, suggesting that the arguments of marriage equality opponents are rational while supporters are ridiculous. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)