The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) on Friday claimed its second annual March for Marriage drew 10,000 people to the nation's Capitol to march against marriage equality.

“NOM organized the march to bring people together,” Christian weekly World reported. “Last year, roughly 7,000 attended. This year, organizers estimated as many as 10,000 joined the procession.”

Undercutting NOM's claim are photographs from the event and reports from eyewitnesses.

Equality Matters' Luke Brinker estimated that 2,000 people attended NOM's March for Marriage.

The event “proved to be largely a repeat of last year's march, with dismal attendance, bused-in supporters, and examples of anti-gay animus on display," he wrote.

In a blog post, NOM President Brian Brown claimed that “thousands more … tuned in to watch the live stream from their hometowns, making this a truly national event.”

Here too the organization is being challenged. Popular blogger Joe My God stated in a post that viewership online topped out at 916 viewers.