The White House on Thursday is expected to announce additional measures against Uganda over its anti-gay law.

According to Reuters, the government will “ratchet up punishment on those implementing the law.”

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni in February signed the nation's Anti-Homosexuality Act, which makes gay unions a crime punishable by life in prison.

A government spokesman remained defiant when asked about the move.

“Uganda is a sovereign country and can never bow to anybody or be blackmailed by anybody on a decision it took in its interests, even if it involves threats to cut off all financial assistance,” Ofwono Opondo told Reuters.

Uganda has already lost roughly $118 million in aid from Western donors, including the United States, over the law's enactment.

Last week, Massachusetts Senator Edward J. Markey, a Democrat, introduced a bill which would make LGBT rights a foreign policy priority for the United States.

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In an emailed statement, Markey responded to the government's upcoming announcement.

“The LGBT community continues to be targeted and persecuted with increasing regularity, with Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act among the most brutal and unacceptable of these recent attacks,” Markey said. “I applaud the State Department's efforts to protect the basic human rights of LGBT people in Uganda. My legislation, the International Human Rights Defense Act, will ensure that responding to discrimination and violence against the LGBT community remains a foreign policy priority for our nation and will create a position at the State Department to coordinate this important effort. The international community should know that the United States is committed to protecting the human rights of the LGBT community everywhere.”

Markey's bill has 24 co-sponsors.