Televangelist Pat Robertson on Tuesday criticized the Supreme Court for refusing to hear an appeal in a case that found a school district in violation of the First Amendment.

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Elmbrook School District in Wisconsin for holding high school graduations and related ceremonies at Elmbrook Church, a non-denominational, evangelical Christian church.

The appeals court found the church to be “pervasively Christian” and “obviously aimed at nurturing Christian beliefs.”

Robertson contrasted the court's decision to other rulings related to gay rights.

“The American people wouldn’t have voted in homosexuality, but the courts did; the American people wouldn’t have voted in same-sex marriage, but the courts did; the American people wouldn’t have given up on the Ten Commandments and prayer in schools, but the courts insisted on it,” Robertson told 700 Club viewers. “A few un-elected judges, just a few, have distorted the history of our nation to give us something that we never intended to have, and something has got to be done about it.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)