Anti-gay activist Robert Oscar Lopez on Monday criticized gay parenting, saying gay couples should “pick up a puppy” instead.

Lopez, who is celebrated among social conservatives due to the fact that he was raised briefly in a same-sex household and claims he was damaged by the experience, made his comments in an op-ed published in BarbWire.

“Every other scenario [besides a lesbian widow who respects the memory of her late husband] involving a same-sex couple with exclusive custody of small children is adult misconduct at best or a crime against humanity at worst,” Lopez wrote.

“Gay couples who want kids have become entitled, bossy and self-righteous, and nobody seems willing to challenge them. When I hear same-sex couples say they need to have a 'right' to adopt, the way a person has a 'right' to a tax refund, I want to puke.”

“I long for the days when the gay community's visceral struggles kept them somewhat down-to-earth and humble. I never imagined the community I grew up in would end up becoming such a tribe of self-centered brats.”

“If you want someone to love and you want it right now, and you don't want to make compromises with your life goals and build a life with the opposite sex, then you shouldn't be in the business of acquiring a human being. Go to a dog pound and pick up a puppy.”

Lopez added that same-sex parenting was a fad that like the Berlin Wall and pet rocks will pass.

“The yuppies who came up with this idea in leftie enclaves like Austin, Texas, and Berkeley, California, will be dead, and their children will be agonizing over the broken branches of the strange family trees passed down to them,” Lopez said.

However, when it comes to social science, reputable studies have shown that children raised by a gay couple are just as well adjusted as those brought up by a straight couple.