Openly gay musical artist Ricky Martin surprised fans during a live concert in Morocco when he changed the lyrics to a song from “she” to “he.”

While performing at the Mawazine Festival (Rhythms), an annual music festival which takes place in Rabat, Morocco's second largest city, Martin altered the lyrics to his 1999 hit She's All I Ever Had.

“It's the way he makes me feel; It's the only thing that's real; It's the way he understands; He's my lover, he's my friend; When I look into his eyes, it's the way I feel inside; Like the man I want to be; He's all I ever need,” Martin crooned. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

The North African country of Morocco stands in stark contrast to its neighbor Spain, considered the world's most gay-accepting nation. Gay unions are not recognized in Morocco and while the law is only sporadically enforced, gay sex is illegal Morocco.

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