The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) on Wednesday backed a Republican-led effort calling on Republican Governor Tom Corbett to reconsider his decision not to appeal a federal judge's ruling striking down Pennsylvania's ban on gay marriage.

The last-ditch effort is spearheaded by Republican state lawmakers Rep. Daryl Metcalfe and Senator John Eichelberger.

NOM joins the Pennsylvania Pastors Network in supporting the resolution. Earlier this month, the group called for the ouster of U.S. District Judge John Jones III over his ruling.

“He ought to be removed from office,” said Sam Rohrer, the group's president.

“The people, through their elected officials, have repeatedly asked for the right to vote and enshrine the definition of marriage in the State's constitution,” NOM President Brian Brown wrote in a blog post. “Now a judge has decided to legislate from the bench and impose his individual opinion about marriage on every voter by overturning the Defense of Marriage Act. This has got to stop.”

“Please send an email today to Governor Corbett and the legislature urging him to appeal this horrendous ruling,” he added. “Let's renew the push in Pennsylvania to protect marriage, the law of the land, and the sovereignty of the people.”

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