Actress Laverne Cox appeared on Wendy Williams' daytime talk show where she declared that she deserves to be loved.

Cox is a transgender woman playing the part of a transgender woman in the Netflix hit series Orange is the New Black.

The interview hit a brief bit of turbulence when Williams asked Cox whether she has breast implants.

“They're tasteful, whatever's going on there,” Williams said.

“Off camera, I can talk you, but I've chosen not to talk about any of the stuff I've gotten done, because I think so often when trans people's experiences are talked about, we far too often focus on surgery and transition,” Cox answered. “So I don't talk about that. But I'm very happy with the situation.”

Cox added that dating is difficult for transgender women.

“There's a lot of men, straight identified men, who are interested in trans women sexually but often don't want to claim this publicly. And for many years, I thought that that's what I deserve. And today, I know that I deserve more than that. I deserve to be loved.”

“Yes,” Williams responded. “Are you in love?”

“I'm dating and I'm happy, let's just say that,” Cox answered. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)