Anne Paulk, the wife of fallen “ex-gay” John Paulk, has compared identifying as gay to being stuck in a “roach motel.”

While John Paulk has renounced the “ex-gay” ministry he founded, Love Won Out, Anne Paulk continues to promote “conversion therapy” as the leader of Restore Hope Network.

Appearing on the radio show Mission America, Anne Paulk told host Linda Harvey that gay people are responsible for “a great deal of grief” in their families.

“Most parents, when they're told this news will think, 'I just lost the future of my child.' … It's like a death knell for all the future hopes of a parent,” she said.

Paulk asserted that some gay people become suicidal at the thought that they cannot change their sexual orientation.

“The argument is you're born gay and therefore you can't change. It's like … a roach motel. Really, is that what they have to offer? Is that there is no possibility of change, there's no possibility of any other identity. And for some that actually is so depressing that they consider suicide,” Paulk said.

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