Fox News' Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Thursday sympathized with a Colorado baker who refused a gay couple.

Last week, Colorado's Civil Rights Commission told suburban Denver-based Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips that he must serve all customers regardless of sexual orientation.

The panel unanimously agreed with Judge Robert N. Spencer's finding in December that Phillips violated the state's civil rights law in 2012 when he refused to consider baking a cake for a male gay couple celebrating their wedding, which took place in Massachusetts. The couple's marriage is recognized in Colorado as a civil union.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Phillips, who argues selling wedding cakes to gay couples is a violation of his faith, said he was no longer taking orders for wedding cakes.

Hasselbeck opened the segment by stating that Colorado was “cracking down on religious freedom” and later asked: “Is that freedom? And is that violation?”

Titles for the segment included “So much for freedom,” “Forced feeding” and “Bake shop shakedown.”

“Keep going strong there Masterpiece Cakeshop,” Hasselbeck said in ending the interview.

(Watch the entire segment at Equality Matters.)