Zacharias Phelps-Roper, the grandson of the late Fred Phelps, has publicly rejected a main tenet of the church his grandfather founded.

The Topeka, Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church is best known for coining the phrase “God hates fags.”

Appearing on the Robert Christian Show, Phelps-Roper was asked whether he believes in the church's message.

“I don't think that God hates anyone,” he answered. “And I don't believe that the Bible is completely free of human error in the transcription of it.”

Phelps-Roper said he left the church last year over a dispute with his father. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

In separate comments to HuffPost Live, Phelps-Roper said his grandfather came out “in support of the homosexuals” on the day he was excommunicated from Westboro.

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